According to the Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AlW), 80% of waterproofing failures and water ingress into buildings represent about 80% of all building defects and cause many post-construction rectification costs and interruptions to residents and building occupants. While many waterproofing failures occur on rooftops, balconies, podiums and basement parking facilities, a host of issues can be found all over a building facade.


This is where Rope Access Technicians can make the difference and identify the source of those mysterious leaks and water and moisture issues. With total access capability, we can inspect every part of a building façade, no matter its height or complexity, and get to the bottom of those persistent water and moisture issues.


Simply covering some visible gaps with silicone is not the solution and, in some cases, can worsen the problem. It would be best if you had a professional team of waterproofers who understand the design of different facade elements to properly inspect, test, identify and repair the actual source of the problem.