High pressure building washdown

Pressure Cleaning

Is your building repelling clients? Ma be your business needs a good cleaning.

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Aluminium Window/Door Repairs

Do you have a broken window or need some sealing done? we can help with any glazing issues.

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Window cleaning the sundale meriton

Window Cleaning

High rise window cleaning service for all those high to reach places.

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Load testing an anchor in Coolangatta

Anchor Testing & Certification

Keep your building safe for workers. Have you done your 12 Monthy anchor testing?

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Glass Restoration

Water staining can make your building look rundown, nevermind your clients trying to look out at the world around them.

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Height Safety Systems

Safety is paramount for any business. Keep your staff and clients safe with a qualified rope access company.

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Rigging and Hauling

Not all household or business furniture fits into your buildings lift. We can help.

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Building Maintenance

Is your business falling apart? Let us help, with patching, sealing and painting. Let us breath life back into your building.

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High Rise Glazing

Do you need glass installed or replaced on your high-rise building?   Rope Access Technicians Offer Glazing Services     Our team ...

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sealing via rope access

Caulking & Joint Sealing

Do you have Joint Seals which need attention? Water ingress is a serious issue and often requires immediate attention. Although joint ...

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Infinity concrete repairs

Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs & Remediation    If you can see cracking, concrete spalling, rust staining or excessive efflorescence, it should be rectified ...

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rooftop waterproofing

Waterproofing & Leak Repair

According to the Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AlW), 80% of waterproofing failures and water ingress into buildings represent about 80% of ...

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Building facade inspection report

Inspections and Building Defect Reports

Building Surveys & Facade Inspections    Our team can provide an in-depth inspection/audit of your building’s façade and report all the ...

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Access Assistance & Standby Rescue

If you are having difficulty accessing an area safely on the outside of a building to complete a task, we can ...

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