Got a dirty building that is in desperate need of a thorough wash-down? Is it covered with salt, dirt, mould, traffic soot or dust from the bush fires?

A proper wash-down can dramatically improve the visual look of your building and extend the life of your facade. 

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All building exteriors are susceptible to contaminants like salt air, dirt, grime, mould, mildew and traffic soot. If these contaminants are not regularly cleaned from your buildings façade, over time they can cause severe and accelerated deterioration to your external coatings and even corrosion to windows, doors and other facade components. 


Paint manufacturers stipulate that owners must washdown all coating annually to keep their 10 year product warranty. Glazing and façade manufacturers also have regular cleaning requirements for their warranties.


Manufactures put these conditions in place because regular washdowns and cleaning extend the life of their products. For coatings, this could be in the range of 2 – 6 additional years. For windows, doors and other architectural features, it really could be indefinitely. 


It’s much more cost effective to implement a regular external maintenance program, then to let your building’s façade deteriorate, leading to unexpected and expensive repairs like concrete cancer and water leaks.


External coatings (paint and waterproofing) play a vital role in protecting your buildings concrete structure from moisture. If you let your coatings deteriorate, moisture will penetrate the concrete, causing cracking, internal water leaks and concrete cancer. 


Curtin University estimates that building corrosion costs the Australian economy about $32 billion per year and that building owners will pay roughly 1.5 times the capital value of their asset in repairs over its lifecycle. 


For some owners, special levies or increases in body corporate fees to deal with major building rectification work just isn’t viable. It can be especially stressful for elderly residents whose only source of income is a pension. 


Did you know that external coatings and facade manufacturers stipulate regular cleaning at intervals no greater than 12 months in their warranties?These conditions are put in place because regular cleaning extends the life of their products. For coatings, you could generally expect an additional  2 – 4 additional years depending on the environment. For windows, doors and facade components, regular cleaning really could extend their life indefinitely. 


Regular wash-downs may seem like an unnecessary and expensive ongoing cost at first glance. However, if you crunch the numbers, simply extending the life of your coatings by even only a couple of years, you will generally save more than the annual washdown costs between repaints. Not to mention the additional money saved with the added longevity of your other facade components. It will keep the premises looking great and save you money in the long run.


Let our professional team help you tailor a program that suits your needs, budget and keeps your building looking its best.