Building Surveys & Facade Inspections 


Our team can provide an in-depth inspection/audit of your building’s façade and report all the findings.


This report will give you insights into the condition of the property’s external elements and help when remedial works go to tender.


Simply asking companies to walk around the perimeter of the building and quote from the ground is a sure way to have significant inconsistencies in the works quoted and huge variation costs added to the final invoice.


We have found it best for owners to utilise a facade audit and a project manager for extensive remedial works to limit unexpected repair costs and provide accurate numbers for future budgeting.


It is critical that whoever you engage in completing a façade inspection measures any defects, especially concrete spalling. We have seen several owners waste thousands of dollars on inspection reports that aren’t useful at all.


We can offer a range of inspection types tailored to your needs. Generally, they will include:

  • Measuring, photographing categorising each defect by repair type.
  • Tap testing and checking any concrete spalling with a covermeter, to provide fair litre estimates.
  • Marking up each defect with bright chalk (if requested).
  • Recording each defect location on a level by the level grid plan.
  • Collating all findings into a report with quantity summaries to assist project tenders.

Note that we can help you with facade inspections in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. If you have any questions or require any additional information please give us a call or contact us via email.