Concrete Repairs & Remediation 


If you can see cracking, concrete spalling, rust staining or excessive efflorescence, it should be rectified before it grows into a larger and more expensive problem.


For example, a 1m crack will cost roughly $50 – $300 to repair. If ignored, the crack could allow water to ingress the concrete and cause accelerated concrete spalling. A metre of concrete spalling will likely cost you between $900 and $5500 depending on the location to repair correctly. A prompt and proactive approach is essential in lowering facade repair and maintenance costs.


Unfortunately, we see a lot of owners and committees make price-driven decisions around concrete repairs. They engage the cheapest contractors that don’t complete the work correctly, only to have it reappear in the exact locations a couple of years later. It’s far more economical to pay the extra to engage a professional, skilled and thorough contractor and only have to pay once.


When repairing concrete properly, there is a considerable amount of additional preparation work. The corroding steel’s entire length needs to be excavated, including 20mm behind the bar. Then we must remove all the rust from the reinforcement back to a brighten condition. The final repair size is usually a lot larger than the visible spall. This process tasks time and uses more materials than removing just the spall, using a rust converter on some of the steel and patching over it. When you consider the life of a poor repair might be as little as 12 – 24 months, and a good repair might last as long as 10 – 30 years, it’s very apparent that spending the money upfront is a wise decision.


All our senior staff have the Australian Concrete Repair Association (ACRA) concrete repair training, and we endeavour to complete all our repairs following “Standards Australia Handbook 84:2018 – Guide to Concrete Repair and Protection” where possible.

We offer concrete repairs on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney so if you have any questions or would appreciate knowing more please contact us.