Rope Access Technicians offer lifting and hauling services in Queensland. If you need help lifting and hauling furniture into an apartment, or lifting and hauling equipment onto a rooftop, we offer a safe and cost-effective solution.

You don’t need an expensive crane!

Using specialist rope access rigging techniques, we can haul your equipment into balconies or in through apartment windows. It’s a cheaper alternative as you don’t need a to hire a crane. It’s a quicker alternative as and generally don’t need to apply for permits.

Using specialist and non-destructive techniques, your equipment is considerately rigged and lifted into place. Your furniture is wrapped up carefully and rigged in a way so no damage occurs.

Expert lift planning and supervision

If you need help on how to get your furniture up to your apartment when your lift is too small – we can help. Let us look after the entire process, planning, creating exclusion zones and lifting your furniture.

If you need façade repair materials lifting onto a roof or into high-rise apartments, our services will offer you an all in one package.

Call us today and ask about our lifting and hauling services in Brisbane and Gold Coast.