Do you have Joint Seals which need attention?

Water ingress is a serious issue and often requires immediate attention.

Although joint sealing may seem relatively simple, it plays a vital role in a building’s durability and longevity. Proper installation is key to joint integrity and function throughout a life of expansion and compression, wetting and drying, exposure, and temperature fluctuation.


Sealants are just as good at keeping moisture in as they are in keeping it out, so applying sealants in the wrong location can result in moisture accumulation, water ingress, mould and thousands of dollars in repair and remediation. That’s why dealing with a professional contractor who understands facade construction is essential.


Joint sealing on facades is an area where we see a lot of poor workmanship and product understanding. When caulking following is very important:


  • Suitable products are selected, used and installed in the correct locations.
  • All areas are thoroughly cleaned and primed where required.
  • Failing seals are cut out and replaced. Oversealing existing sealants is avoided.
  • Installing backing rod or a bond breaker to prevent three-sided adhesion.
  • Achieving an hourglass profile.
  • Always tool off all sealant before using soapy water, otherwise it will cause adhesion failure.